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Empowering school leavers in Sydney to build bright futures through employment support.

Navigating the Transition from School to Work

For school leavers in Sydney, the transition from classrooms to workplaces can be both exciting and daunting. At Breakthru, we recognise the importance of this transition and offer tailored assistance to help young people prepare for the world of work.

If you are a young adult with a goal of gaining employment and have or are applying for a NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) plan, contacting one of our Sydney offices could be the first step towards starting your career with confidence. 

However, we understand that not every school leaver has the exact game goals. Whether you’re eager to gain employment straight away, develop new skills, gain nationally recognised qualifications, or explore your career options, our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way. 


How We Support School Leavers

At Breakthru, we provide school leaver employment supports for young adults in Sydney that aim to help in everyday life. While many job skills are learnt after leaving school, some of these skills are ones school leavers already have that just need to be built on! We offer help in:
Helping you improve your people skills

Enhancing Your People Skills

We’re dedicated to helping you improve your people skills, which are an essential aspect of thriving in the workplace. We guide you through the process of developing key skills like speaking up for yourself, communicating effectively, and collaborating with others. These skills are crucial for building strong professional relationships and ensuring success in your career journey.
Equipping you with crucial life skills

Empowering You with Vital Life Skills

At Breakthru, we understand the importance of equipping you with crucial life skills to navigate the world with confidence. We provide guidance and support in practical aspects of everyday life, including managing your finances, organising your time, understanding public transportation, and more. Our goal is to empower you with the skills you need to thrive independently.
Exploring work opportunities and industries

Exploring Work Opportunities and Industries

Explore all possibilities with Breakthru as we guide you through exploring work opportunities and industries. With our wide network of job partners here in Sydney, we help with job trials and training tailored to your interests. Gain hands-on experience and learn new skills in various jobs and industries, allowing you to discover and pursue careers that truly interest you.
Supporting you with job hunting

Guidance in Job Hunting

When it comes to job hunting, Breakthru has your back every step of the way. We provide comprehensive support to assist you in your job search journey. From crafting a great resume and cover letter that catches employers' attention to organising practice interviews, we ensure you feel prepared and confident when pursuing employment opportunities.
Supporting you on the job

Ongoing Support in the Workplace

At Breakthru, our commitment to your success doesn't end once you secure a job. We provide continuous support to ensure you feel at ease and well-supported in your new role. As you become more comfortable, we gradually reduce our support, empowering you to work confidently and independently while knowing we're here whenever you need assistance.

School Leaver Employment Supports for Young People in Sydney 

At Breakthru, we provide a large range of services designed to equip school leavers with the skills and confidence needed to thrive in the workforce, such as: 

Personalised Guidance: Our team works closely with school leavers to understand their unique needs and employment goals, offering tailored support every step of the way. 

Foundation Skills Development: From communication to time management, we focus on building essential job skills that are crucial for success in today’s work environments. 

Practical Training: Through our nationally recognised qualifications programs, we offer hands-on training and learning opportunities to help school leavers gain practical experience and prepare for real-world work environments. 

Employment Support: Whether it’s resume writing, interview preparation, or job search assistance, our team is here to help school leavers gain meaningful employment. 

Capacity Building: Our early intervention approach emphasises capacity building, empowering young people to develop the confidence and motivation needed to pursue their employment goals. 

Life Skills Training: Beyond job-specific skills, we also provide training in personal presentation, money handling, and everyday life skills to ensure school leavers are well-equipped for success in all aspects of their lives. 

The Benefits of Working with Breakthru   

Working with Breakthru means you’ll be learning skills in your local community, whether you’re about to finish school or have already finished and are looking for employment supports. 

Choosing Breakthru for your support when you live in Sydney also means that you can take advantage of the fact that we have various office locations available across the city. We have locations in Parramatta, Milsons Point, Hornsby, Maroubra, Campsie, Bankstown, Belmore and Rydalmere to choose from for in-person support that is as convenient as possible for you. 

Benefits of our school leaver employment supports include: 

  • Tailored Support: Our personalised approach ensures that each school leaver receives the individualised guidance and assistance they need to succeed. 
  • Practical Experience: Our practical training programs and work placements help school leavers gain valuable experience that enhances their employability. 
  • Career Exploration: We help school leavers explore various career options and industries, empowering them to make informed decisions about their future. 
  • Community Engagement: Our connections to the local communities in Sydney provide school leavers with access to a wide range of support networks and opportunities for growth. 
  • Long-Term Support: With support available for up to two years, we provide ongoing assistance to ensure school leavers are supported as they transition into employment. 
  • Tailored Support Plan: We create a personalised support plan based on school leavers’ individual needs, goals, and circumstances. This plan serves as a roadmap to guide school leavers through their journeys from school to employment. 
  • Flexible Duration: Our support is flexible and can be tailored to accommodate peoples’ unique timelines. Whether a school leaver needs short-term assistance to kickstart a job search or ongoing support to navigate the challenges of the workplace, we’re here to help for up to two years. 
  • Access to Resources: We offer a wealth of resources and tools designed to enhance job skills and employability. From workshops and training sessions to online resources and job databases, we provide everything school leavers in Sydney need to succeed in their employment goals. 
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of our experienced team of employment specialists who are dedicated to school leaver success. Receive one-on-one guidance, mentorship, and advice from professionals who understand the challenges and opportunities facing young people entering the workforce. 
  • Connection to Community: We provide a supportive community of peers who are on similar journeys. Share experiences, seek advice, and build connections with fellow school leavers who are also navigating the transition to employment. 
  • Preparation for Future Success: Our support goes beyond just finding a job. We equip school leavers with the skills, confidence, and resilience needed to thrive in any work environment. Gain valuable experience, develop essential life skills, and lay the foundation for long-term


Frequently asked questions

Why Us?

Personalised Guidance  Our experienced team provides tailored support to help school leavers achieve their employment goals and aim for a successful future. 

Practical Experience  Through our hands-on training and work placements here in Sydney, school leavers gain valuable experience that enhances employability.  

Community Engagement   When it comes to disability employment services and school leaver employment, being part of the community is key. We have deep roots in the local community, providing school leavers with access to local support networks. 


Access School Leaver Employment Supports Sydney with Breakthru    

Leaving school and starting a journey towards employment can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With our team at Breakthru by your side, your career can start at a pace you’re comfortable with, where you have the skills needed for success in your new work environment. Don’t let uncertainty hold you back— contact us today 

What our customers achieved

Get started in 4 easy steps

If you have a significant and permanent disability, injury or illness that affects your daily life, you may be eligible to access the NDIS.

Step 1

Check your eligibility

Before you begin, use the NDIS checklist to confirm that you:
  • are aged between 7 and 65.
  • reside in Australia with Australian residency.
  • require immediate support to lessen future needs.
Step 2

Make an Access Request

To start your application, call the NDIS at 1800 800 110.

If you need assistance, reach out to your Local Area Coordinator, Early Childhood Early Intervention partner, the local National Disability Insurance Agency, or Breakthru for support.

Step 3

Gather Supporting Evidence

This may involve sharing details about your disability and how it affects your daily life.

Providing recent information and collaborating with your healthcare providers can strengthen your case for NDIS eligibility.

Step 4

Prepare for your planning meeting

Once the Access Request decision is done, you'll receive a written notice of the decision.

Afterward, you'll meet with an NDIS community partner to determine the support level for your NDIS plan.

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Thank you to everyone for all your continuous support. This job has been amazing for both my mental and physical health, and I finally feel like I can start moving forward with my life.

Breakthru Customer Liborio

Breakthru customer

Breakthru have done so much for me, they encouraged me, but they also made me do the work. I would say to anyone thinking of going with Breakthru to trust them. They really do get to know their clients and understand their potential.

Breakthru Customer David Edwards
David Edwards

Breakthru customer

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