Occupational therapy is a degree-based health profession. An occupational therapist (OT) uses a whole-of-person perspective to work with individuals, groups and communities to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. OT support is designed to build capacity, independence and maintain and improve quality of life through participation in the occupations of life. 

‘Occupation’ is used to describe the everyday activities we complete in our life roles. However, the term also encompasses the activities we complete to be who we are, to create a meaningful life and to engage with wider society and culture. 

OTs help participants, families and carers with physical and psychosocial disabilities to identify and implement ways, such as modifying an activity or environment, that supports their goals and their participation in everyday life.  

For example, OTs may assist with: 

  • minor home modifications; 
  • teaching and supporting daily living skills in the home and local community; 
  • assessing and prescribing adaptive equipment to help with showering and toileting, sleeping, kitchen and household chores, dressing, eating and moving around (e.g. walking aids, wheelchairs and scooters); 
  • identifying ideal housing needs, including supports for an individual to attain independent living; 
  • developing coping strategies for clients in overcoming their mental health challenges; and, 
  • improving a person’s confidence and self-esteem in social situations. 

How breakthru can help 

breakthru’s skilled OTs can help you improve your capacity and build independence quickly with minimal stress. We listen and tailor occupational therapies to aid both reintegration into the community and participation in normal everyday activities. 

Our OTs can also help family, friends and carers in your support network to learn the required skills and provide the daily assistance needed to achieve your goals. By leaning on your support network and dividing your goal into manageable stages, we are confident your quality of life will noticeably improve. 

breakthru Services

Functional Capacity Assessments

Our therapists will work closely with you to determine your daily life functional capabilities. When assessing, we carefully consider your usual daily routine, interests, environment, attitude and relationships. This enables us to personalise plans and supports that will empower you to excel in your daily living activities. 

Environmental Supports

Our therapists help to create safe and accessible environments. If you believe your home, school or workplace environment is inaccessible, we can recommend modifications (such as ramps, rails or lower benches), and work with third-party providers to have these modifications introduced. 

Assistive Technology

Our therapists can work with third-party providers to implement assistive technologies. These technologies include wheelchairs, crutches, hoists and more. This will help you achieve greater independence, reduce support needs and increase your overall participation; helping you to remain more community connected. 

Functional Independence and Housing Support

OTs can help you to identify interests and goals, manage daily routines both at home and in the community, modify daily tasks to make them easier to perform, and recommend activities that you can effectively participate within. OTs work with people across their lifespan to provide supports and services, including: 

  • assistive technology (aids and equipment); 
  • home modifications; 
  • assessment of personal support needs (personal care); 
  • coordinating respite care; and, 
  • housing assessments for participants requiring Specialist Disability Accommodation. 

Mental Health Support

OTs working in mental health assist people to achieve the everyday activities that people engage in and find meaningful. These professionals draw on numerous psychological and occupational therapy strategies to help people understand and manage their daily functions, productivity and capacity through the prescription of graded tasks and activities. OTs support individuals to: 

  • develop skills to live more independently; 
  • manage stress and emotions; 
  • connect with the community; 
  • mange grief and loss; 
  • manage self-esteem; 
  • develop communication skills; and, 
  • structure daily life. 

breakthru’s OT locations 

  • Cairns (Queensland). 
  • Brisbane (Queensland). 
  • Sydney (New South Wales). 
  • Newcastle (New South Wales) – beginning April 2020. 
  • Western Melbourne and surrounds (Victoria). 

Accessing Occupational Therapies 

As a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider, breakthru helps people living with a permanent or significant disability to achieve their best possible social, emotional and physical outcomes. This is achieved by working closely with both you and your family, friends and other service providers to ensure you receive your necessary supports. 

If you have a new or existing NDIS plan, you may be eligible to access breakthru’s multiple occupational therapies under the Improved Daily Living or Improved Relationships supports. 

breakthru will continue to empower you throughout your journey and help you lead your best life. If you need OT supports, simply contact our team today.