An NDIS client meeting with support coordinators for a social outing
February 2, 2024
by Joshua Cook

The Difference Between Core Supports And Capacity Building

The National Disability Insurance Scheme, also known as the NDIS, involves the provision of funding to eligible people with a disability. This is intended to enable access to services and programs that will increase the ability to reach goals and aspirations, gain independence and new skills, and find and maintain employment.

The NDIS funding provides access to a range of options most relevant to the individual, such as sporting clubs, education programs, health care, and volunteer groups. If you are approved for a NDIS plan, there are different support categories that your provided funding can be allocated to.

Two of the categories related to NDIS funding are Core Supports and Capacity Building. Find out what the differences are and how they are relevant to you.

What Are Core Supports?

The Core Supports category is connected to everyday activities and requirements. The budget related to Core Supports is to help you reach your goals through four support areas. These include the following:
  1. Assistance With Daily Life

This funding may include aspects such as household maintenance and help with activities of daily living like personal care and hygiene support. 

  1. Consumables

This covers items you may require to increase your independence related to your disability. This could include elements such as assistive equipment and technology, and incontinence aids. 

  1. Assistance With Social And Community Participation 

This support is to help you access activities and programs that can improve your overall wellbeing and community involvement and contribution. This might involve options such as programs and clubs. 

  1. Transport

This funding can help you to travel to places such as work and healthcare appointments. The use of transport and the destinations must be relevant to your disability. 

The Core Support budget is the most flexible option within the three NDIS plan categories. It can be used to pay for support and services that are reasonable and necessary to assist in the achievement of your NDIS goals.

What Are Capacity Building Supports?

The Capacity Building Support budget is in place to assist with the improvement of skills and long-term independence. It can be used for a broad range of care and activities to help you reach your target outcomes. These may include examples such as house cleaning, personal care assistance, shopping, finding a job, and building confidence through group activities. 

The Capacity Building Support budget is broken down into nine categories. These include the following: 

  1. Support Coordination 

Assistance can be provided regarding the use of your NDIS plan to help ensure it is put to use in the most productive and beneficial way for your needs and requirements.  

  1. Improved Living Arrangements 

This funding can enable eligible people with a disability to find a place to live as independently and safely as possible.  

  1. Increased Social And Community Participation 

This category can help you take part in pursuits that encourage you to interact with your peers, contribute to society and your community, and take part in recreational and social activities. 

  1. Finding And Keeping A Job 

Funding for support such as training, education, and confidence-building sessions can assist you in acquiring the skills and knowledge you require to obtain and maintain a job. 

  1. Improved Relationships 

This category aims to assist in the development of positive behaviours and the ability to interact well with the people around you. 

  1. Improved Health And Wellbeing 

This funding can cover certain exercise activities, equipment, or dietary assistance that may help to improve or manage aspects connected to your disability. 

  1. Improved Learning 

This budget category can give you access to services and advice related to education and learning programs to advance your skills, knowledge, productivity, contributions, and wellbeing. 

  1. Improved Daily Living 

Relevant therapy, training, or assessment that assist in improving your independence, skills, and contribution to your community can be covered through this budget category. 

  1. Improved Life Choices

A plan manager can assist you in managing your NDIS plan, payments, and funding. This can enable you to focus on other aspects of your goals and requirements and rely on an experienced person to take care of your plan. 

Utilise Core Supports And Capacity Building Supports

Your NDIS plan can be highly beneficial when employed in the most relevant way regarding your disability, lifestyle, goals, and requirements. It has been split into various categories to allow for the targeted allocation of funds towards the areas that are most important to you.

In terms of the Core and Capacity Building Supports funding, there may be certain combinations that are more appropriate for your needs. You can discuss with us how best to utilise the various options. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with your NDIS plan.

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