Inspire Inclusion: International Women's Day 2024
March 6, 2024
by Courtney Dunn

Inspire Inclusion: International Women’s Day 2024

Inspire inclusion. As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2024, our organisation, enriched with remarkable and empowering women, finds this theme deeply significant.

From the leadership of strong women guiding teams to those embarking on their professional paths, acknowledging their individual journeys is paramount.

Beyond this annual celebration, our commitment to fostering workplace inclusivity is propelled by the dedication, resilience, and distinctive contributions of women across all facets of our organisation. It's crucial to honour the diverse roles women undertake and the profound impact they make.

Join us as we spotlight the contributions of four women within the Royal Rehab Group.



Katie SinnertonProject and Practice Lead Manager 

Katie Sinnerton – Project and Practice Lead Manager

In 2012, Katie began her journey at Breakthru. Beginning as a transition consultant in the Transition to Work program, Katie’s career quickly evolved. Over the past 12 years, Katie has worked in support coordination, customer service, and management. Now, she is the project and practice lead manager for NDIS support coordination.  

Responsible for over 40 team members, Katie is a subject matter expert. She confidently handles complex cases, enhances her workforce through workshops and training, and is dedicated to empowering the lives of her clients. Katie is a force to be reckoned with who has singlehandedly changed the lives of both her team and the vulnerable people she nurtures.  

“We are supporting people with their entire life goals,” says Katie. “We’re not just supporting them to get a job or get the daily personal care that they need. We’re looking at all aspects of their life and whatever their goals mean for them.” And – with Katie in the lead – we know these goals will be met and then surpassed.



Jacinda Choy Senior Speech Pathologist 

Jacinda Choy – Senior Speech Pathologist

Jacinda’s research into swallowing problems (dysphagia) has the potential to improve quality of life while saving millions of dollars in healthcare costs. After commencing her PHD in 2019, Jacinda investigated the role dosage plays in swallowing exercises for post-stroke patients. Battling the requirements of her job, the unnecessary hurdles faced by women in academia, and a global pandemic, Jacinda has proven her grit and determination.  

Jacinda intends to continue her research with the hope that she will be able to change many lives for the better – and we can’t wait to see where her knowledge takes her next. 

Jessica Allen Clinical Operations Manager 

Jessica Allen – Clinical Operations Manager

Jessica has dedicated her entire career to working with people with spinal cord injuries – a mission she has remained true to while facing the challenge of building Sargood on Collaroy from the ground up. 

"We had to create everything from scratch and develop a business model that included providing care, allied health services, recreational support, course development, structuring fees, as well as staff training," she says. With the popularity and growth of Sargood on Collaroy, Jessica's success is clear.

Six years on, Jessica oversees the day-to-day operations of the business, ensuring a memorable stay for each and every guests. Not one to take it easy, Jessica has also been instrumental in developing Sargood's internship pilot program – an opportunity that offers individuals living with a spinal cord injury the chance to experience work in a supportive environment. 

"I wanted to give people a true experience and a head start to get back into the workforce. I wanted to give people a reference and a CV while providing a safety net," says Jessica.

We can't wait to see where Jessica takes Sargood on Collary next.




Achini Wimalaweera Support Worker 

Achini Wimalaweera – Support Worker

Dedicated. Strong. Compassionate. All who are fortunate enough to interact with Achini are better for it. A disability support worker operating in one of our Supported Independent Living (SIL) homes, Achini is determined to ensure her clients live empowered, independent lives.  

“I truly believe that helping our clients goes beyond a job,’ she says. “It feels like taking care of family.” 

Achini discovered her passion after caring for her paralysed mother during the last three months of her life. Although she had no formal experience, Achini knew she had the ability and compassion needed for the role. Achini has since obtained her Certificate IV in Disability Support – an achievement made while supporting clients. 



Where to from here? 

While we have come a long way on the journey to inspire inclusion, there is still a lot of road that must be covered. For today, share the stories of the powerful women you know and let their voices be heard, celebrate the achievements that have been made, and thank the many wonderful women in your lives; for the future, do not rest, do not compromise, and do not forget. Together, we can create a world where inclusivity is not a just a dream – we must keep walking forward.  

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