Specialist Support Coordination


Additional support for complex situations

Specialist Support Coordination addresses situations where you require a specialist like an Occupational Therapist, Psychologist or Social Worker to deliver Support Coordination-style activities.

In the same way that regular ‘Support Coordination’ helps bring your NDIS plan to life by connecting participants to providers, Specialist Support Coordination achieves the same goal but addresses more complex support needs


How can specialist support coordination help?

Specialist Support Coordination helps reduce barriers to implementing or using your NDIS plan, and includes all the activities outlined in “Support Coordination”. 

For Specialist Support Coordination to be included within a plan there must be clear benefits to the participant that result from this model of supports coordination. Specialist Support Coordination will help you to achieve clear goals for the duration of the first plan.

The aim of Specialist Support Coordination will be to decrease the need for this high intensity support to continue and if support coordination is still required beyond the first plan, the NDIA will recommend regular Support Coordination, rather than Specialist Support Coordination. 

Each participant receiving specialist support coordination receives tailored support to implement, monitor and review their support plans and reduce the risk and complexity of their situation.