NDIS specialist support coordination

NDIS Specialist Support Coordination


Specialist support for complex situations

Specialist Support Coordination – which is similar to regular ‘Support Coordination‘ – is designed to help you get the most out of your NDIS plan through the provision of specialised supports. Unlike Support Coordination, Specialist Support Coordination aims to help individuals with complex needs to access suitable supports and make informed decisions about their plans and goals under the NDIS.

If you have Specialist Support Coordination in your NDIS plan, this means you can access a higher level of support coordination that is delivered by a specialist like an Occupational Therapist, Psychologist or Social Worker. These Specialist Support Coordinators will assist you in managing specialised support activities and ensuring consistent delivery of service.

At breakthru, our friendly team of Specialist Support Coordinators will help you address complex needs, ensure your plan is up to date and assist you to better understand budgets and support options so you can achieve our goals. To find out more about this service, please get in touch by clicking ‘get started’ below.


How can specialist support coordination help?

Specialist Support Coordination helps reduce barriers to implementing or using your NDIS plan and includes all the activities outlined in “Support Coordination”, such as helping you understand the NDIS, accessing the community, and monitoring support implementation.

Over the life of your NDIS plan, Specialist Support Coordination will aim to decrease the need for high-intensity supports by giving you the knowledge and skills to manage your own services and supports. Should you still need support to navigate your NDIS plan, the NDIA will often recommend regular Support Coordination in future reviews, rather than Specialist Support Coordination.

Each participant receiving specialist support coordination receives tailored support to implement, monitor and review their support plans and reduce the risk and complexity of their situation.

We offer specialist support coordination services across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.


Our Specialist Support Coordinators can help and support you with:

Individualised Plan

We will assist you to tailor your NDIS plan according to your personalised needs. 

Service Options

Our friendly coordinators can help you find and access the specialised supports and services that are important to you.

Support Implementation

We can assist you in planning and attending your service appointments, as well as monitoring the progress towards your goals.

Capacity and Confidence

We will help you build your capacity to learn new skills and become more independent and confident.


Our Specialist Support Coordinators


When you work with breakthru, you can be confident that our specialist support coordinators are:

Friendly & Compassionate

We will treat you with respect and communicate with you in your preferred communication style.

Supportive & Encouraging

We will make sure you have choice and control over your goals and supports. 

Experienced & Qualified

Our specialist support coordinators are well-connected and stay up to date with the latest NDIS news and information.

Responsible & Thorough

We ensure you are receiving safe and quality supports and services. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Specialist Support Coordination? 

Depending on your situationsuch as your disability and individual needs, you may receive NDIS funding for Specialist Support Coordination. If you do not have an NDIS plan or do not have Specialist Support Coordination in your NDIS plan, you are welcome to talk to one of our friendly staff to discuss your options. 

Where can I find a Specialist Support Coordinator? 

breakthru has many well-trained and experienced Specialist Support Coordinators located across New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria. You can check out our locations or simply call us at 1800 767 212 and we will help you find a Specialist Support Coordinator near you.

What’s the difference between Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination?

Specialist Support Coordination addresses situations where you require a specialist like an Occupational Therapist, Psychologist or Social Worker to deliver Support Coordination-style activities. They will support you in managing challenges in your support environment, which may include health, education, or justice services.

Can I have both a Support Coordinator and a Specialist Support Coordinator? 

Specialist Support Coordinators will also cover the supports provided by Support Coordinators, but depending on your situation and individual needs you may have access to both.

Our Locations

Our Specialist Support Coordination service is available across our offices in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria.