Prevention and Recovery Care


What is PARC?

Prevention and Recovery Care (PARC) is a voluntary program that provides recovery focused ‘Step Up/Step Down’ support which may help if a person:

  • Requires short term intensive support to prevent deterioration in their mental health and possibly avoid a psychiatric hospital admission (step up)
  • No longer needs to be an inpatient in a psychiatric hospital but would benefit from short term intensive support before going back home (step down)

If you are between the ages of 16-64, breakthru can provide recovery focused psychosocial support at a time of relapse to either prevent your need for a psychiatric hospital admission, or to help you recover from a recent psychiatric hospital admission.

Support at the facility is given by the on site psychiatric doctors and nurses, case managers and within a group setting. 


How PARC helps your recovery

Your recovery at PARC is a deeply personal experience and enables a person to live a successful and satisfied life in the environment of their choice without the limitations caused by mental illness.

At breakthru we provide individual and group programs to support clients in developing individual plans which may include things such as:

  • Gaining or regaining confidence and independence in daily living skills
  • Maintaining daily routines and connections
  • Developing social supports
  • Recognising early warning signs
  • Medication and clinical reviews


How long can a person stay at PARC?

PARC is a short term program, length of stay is usually between 7 days to a maximum of 28 days. Everyone’s circumstances are different and each person will be assessed by staff as to how long their stay will be.