Parramatta, NSW

About the Artist

Isabella is like part of the family at breakthru Parramatta and has made many friends over the years in the day program. Isabella said lockdown has been challenging for her as she has been missing her friends. To pass the time, Isabella has been connecting with her friends online and has particularly enjoyed creating diamond dot art in her spare time.

This year, Isabella shares her two favourite pieces “The Elephant named Lucky” and “The Magical Unicorn”, which she said both have a special meaning.

“My cousin Jessica got married to her partner Jade this year, so I made this picture for them. I didn’t see them during lockdown, so I wanted to give them a gift. I enjoy doing artwork and feel so proud of myself when I finish, and I feel so happy to give my art to others as a gift.”

“My friend Suzy was also in hospital, so I made this diamond dot picture of a unicorn for her and used bright colours to make her smile. Suzy put this in her room to remind her that we missed her.”

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