St Albans, Victoria

About the Artist

To help get through the tough times, Jenny decided to write a short story about her own experiences during COVID-19. Her short piece is called “Life in Lockdown.”

Jenny is a keen writer and loves to share her stories. Jenny described that the pandemic has been difficult for her as it has been a struggle for her to gain motivation to write without her usual groups running. She mentions that she found the second lockdown harder than the first especially in terms of motivation and not being able to see her family. To help her get through the difficult times, she turned to writing short stories like this as she feels it’s a healthy way to express herself when she finds it difficult to verbally communicate.

In particular Jenny’s journey through these unprecedented times revealed that she has been missing all of her hugs and interaction from her groups. She is waiting for the day when she can go out for dinner and see her family and friends once again. Jenny feels so lucky to have the phone and internet for outside contact and said that she has learnt a lot more about technology during lockdown, which is a small silver lining that she’s grateful for.

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