FOCUS 2020

Featuring talented artists with disability from across Australia.

What is FOCUS?

FOCUS was first started in 2019 as part of our annual event to celebrate International Day of People with Disability. While COVID-19 has kept us all apart, we wanted to continue the celebrations by showcasing what some of our wonderful customers have achieved while they’ve been in lock-down.

This year we will also be joining the fabulous teams at PLUTO Entertainment and Dundaloo Support Services as they kick off IDPWD celebrations with an in-studio live streaming event.

So, now that you’re here, please check out our wonderful artists below and stay tuned for the upcoming live steam which will be available from Saturday, 5th December!

Our Artists

Having struggled with mental illness during the pandemic, Arnold said art has helped him communicate and express himself.

James’ love of photograph allows him to briefly step out of his physical limitations and see the world through the art of photography.

Kiriaki is deaf and non-verbal, so she uses art to express herself and communicate with the world around her.

Fred’s approach to art conveys the human character, good and evil, kind and mean.

With many of her friends living overseas, Bethany has used digital art as an outlet to express herself and stay connected.

Barry has a vision impairment, but loves to take on a challenge with creative woodworking and photography projects.

Jenny is a keen writer, and used her talents to share her experience during lockdown.

Sarah enjoys creating diamond paintings in her free time. Most recently she’s enjoyed creating a gorgeous butterfly portrait.

Living with a spinal condition and isolated due to COVID-19, Anita used art as an outlet to find peace and forget her worries.

During the pandemic, Reece took up photography and started to see the world in a different light.

During lockdown, Valerie discovered the wonderful world of fluid art which helped her cope with her anxiety.

Rhiannon has been improving her fine motor skills by using diamond paintings as a creative outlet this year.

At just 12 years old, Marianne shows promise as a budding young artist who expresses her life experiences through paint on canvas.

Wendy uses art as an outlet to express her bold, bright and fun-loving personality.

Teina was only recently introduced to the world of art, but has used his new found talents to create thought provoking works.

Katherine was recently hospitalised and found painting to be very therapeutic and helped her keep a clear mind.


Taree Brightstars

Our Taree Brightstars are always getting involved in some kind of new musical production or theatrical display of talent. Whether it’s performing a musical on-stage or filming short movies, the talented young team are always coming up with fun and creative new ways to entertain.

When COVID-19 restrictions came into full force however, this meant the Brightstars had to hit pause on some of their normal activities and adapt to the “new normal” that we’re all now familiar with.

But while the pandemic meant they couldn’t all get together and perform like they usually would, that didn’t stop our Taree Brightstars! Check out their lockdown video as the crew got together and jammed out to a bit of Bruno Mars.

Author Shano

Painters and illustrators aren’t the only talented people we have here at breakthru. Our customer Shano has been living with a rare genetic disease called Friedreichs Ataxia (FA).

She was a healthy able-bodied child until the age of 13 when the diagnosis was made. Having struggled to find a public voice for the disease, Shano wants to become a voice of hope and inspiration to those also suffering from FA and other degenerative diseases.

As part of her goal, she recently published her very own book that talks about her condition and the impact it’s had on her life. Check out the video or visit the web page here to purchase her new book!


Celebrating Ability & Diversity

Thanks for tuning in! It was great seeing everyone online as we celebrated ability & diversity.

Special thanks to Pluto Entertainment, Dundaloo Support Services and Mid Coast Council for hosting such a magnificent event and inviting us to collaborate.

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