Peer Support


Support from peers who truly understand

Peer support is a service provided by breakthru staff who have a lived experience in mental health. Programs may take place in one-on-one sessions or in groups, and are designed to provide social and emotional assistance in a safe and trusting environment.

Everyone’s experience of mental health and recovery is different. By choosing to have a peer worker support you on your journey, they will provide you with all of the traditional supports you can expect from someone trained and qualified in mental health but with the added benefit of also having a lived experience themselves.


How can peer support help?

Peer support is often used to support people experiencing adverse situations or circumstances, for example young people with diverse sexuality and gender, teenage mothers, young people living with a chronic illness, children of parents with a mental illness, and as an early intervention for mental health issues including suicide prevention and substance misuse.

Peer support programs can also help you build your self-esteem and develop problem-solving skills so you can go on to self-manage your own mental health and wellbeing.