Early Intervention Psychosocial Support Response (EIPSR)

Get back to independent living with a personalised recovery plan

Specialised support for individuals experiencing mental illness

In partnership with our friends over at Mercy Health, our EIPSR program is a new support designed for individuals who are unable to access the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This new program allows anyone aged between 16 – 64 years to access much needed short and medium term psychosocial supports.

If you have a mental health condition or you’re struggling to manage everyday tasks, you may be eligible to receive free support for up to 12 months. Services include anything from counselling to employment support, everyday living and more. If you’re interested in finding out more information, you can get started by speaking with one of our friendly staff today.

Please note this service is only available to eligible residents in Victoria



How can EIPSR help?

Mental Health Support

We’ll help you understand early warning signs and triggers so you can implement positive coping strategies.

Help accessing other supports

We can provide more information about alternative supports and help you access other programs like the NDIS, Centrelink, Food Aid, Financial Aid, AOD services, DHHS or general community assistance.

Accommodation Support

Support finding and maintaining appropriate accommodation through public housing, private rental or shared accommodation.

Employment Support

We can help you develop your skills and find new employment opportunities through study, work experience and volunteering programs.

Capacity building exercises

EIPSR clients will receive help with capacity building exercises like budgeting, shopping, cooking, cleaning, travel, time management and more.

Trauma & Crisis Support

Get support managing trauma, post-crisis situation and relationship building with 1-on-1 or group-based supports.

Supports delivered in partnership with Mercy Health

Delivered in partnership with Mercy Health

Mercy Health is a specialised organisation that cares for people at all stages of life. In addition to acute and subacute hospital care, the team at Mercy Health also provide aged care, mental health, specialist women’s support services and more.

breakthru work closely with the specialised and intensive care staff at Mercy Health to ensure our clients receive the highest level of care as we guide you on your journey toward independence and better mental health.

Adult Mental Health Services

Mercy Mental Health provides specialised mental health services for individuals across a wide range of backgrounds in the southwest Melbourne area.

Community Mental Health Support

The community mental health team at Mercy Health and breakthru work together to provide assessments, case management, family support and specialist mental health advice.

Support available to eligible residents in Victoria

Eligibility Requirements

In order to access this program, clients need to satisfy the following criteria:

  • Must be aged between 16 – 64 years
  • Are not supported by an NDIS plan (though you can be applying or have applied)
  • Have an emerging or established psychiatric disability
  • Have failed to respond to other areas of support tried within Mercy Mental Health
  • Are case managed by Mercy Mental Health
  • Are high risk, chaotic and frequent the emergency department or inpatient unit
  • May be experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness
  • May have a dual diagnosis
  • May benefit from training, education or employment support
  • May be a young person suffering from a severe mental illness.
Meet the wonderful breakthru EIPSR team

Our Support Workers

Mariela Athanasiou

Senior Support Worker (Mental Health)

Mariela joined breakthru almost 5 years ago. Initially working in Disability Employment Services and then moving into Support Coordination and now in the EIPSR program.

Mariela is a qualified Careers Counsellor with a passion for helping people find their meaningful purpose. In her spare time Mariela enjoys volunteering as a Career Coach at WIRE (Women’s Information), practices yoga & meditation, loves the beach and jogging.

Pamela Muvezwa

Senior Support Worker (Mental Health)

Pam first commenced with breakthru in 2014 as a mental health practitioner, working in a variety of roles until settling into her current position as Senior Support Worker with a specialty in mental health. As one of the highly qualified members of the EIPSR team, Pam holds tertiary qualifications in Psychology and Post-Graduate Diplomas in both Addiction & Counselling.

Registered with the Australian Counsellors Association, Pam enjoys working within our diverse team to provide support to customers and help them succeed on their journey to recovery. A lover of all things travel, Pam is proud to say that Australia is the third country she’s lived in and loves to talk all things travel at any chance she gets.