Post placement support services

Post Placement Support


After you hire one of our job seekers, our services don’t end there

As part of our ongoing Disability Employment Services, breakthru will continue to support both you and your new staff member for a minimum of 6 or a maximum of 12 months after they have been inducted with your organisation. 

These support services are varied, but may include one or all of the following:

  • Regular fortnightly check-ups to ensure both parties are satisfied with the working arrangement
  • On the job training and support to help your new employee settle in
  • Working directly with your new employee to ensure work is completed to a satisfactory standard
  • Education and support for your existing staff to help them understand how to work alongside people with disability
  • Help and advice with any other workplace issues or concerns that may arise with your new team member.

Looking for additional support?

In addition to our usual post placement support services, we can also help both you and your new employee adapt to the working environment providing access to other services such as workplace modifications, additional training, assistive equipment, additional funding, performance appraisals and skills development. 

Workplace Modifications

We can work with occupational therapists and other third party providers to assess the need for modifications to your workplace.

Additional Training

If you’re finding there’s a skills gap after hiring one of our job seekers, we can help source and fund additional training to ensure they can adapt to your organisation’s needs.

Assisstive Equipment

Depending on the specific workplace requirements, we can also work with other providers to source equipment to assist your new staff member in their everyday duties.

Performance Apprasials

When it comes time to assess performance, we can help guide the conversation as an intermediary between both parties to ensure expectations are met. 

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