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Disability Employment Services (DES)


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“breakthru staff member Amar was fantastic and extremely helpful and understanding! She cares and that makes a huge difference!” – Andy, breakthru customer 


Whether you need long-term assistance through our Disability Employment Services (DES) or short-term help via our Disability Management Services (DMS), breakthru have the skills to help you find and keep a job that’s right for you.

If you need help improving mental health, managing anxiety or transitioning into a new job, we can support you by:

  • Providing recruitment advice and job-matching services
  • Help designing a job that meets your goals and capabilities
  • On-the-job support to ensure you settle into your new job comfortably
  • Training information and awareness activities for both you and your new employer

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We have offices throughout both Queensland and New South Wales, with connections to a diverse range of local employers to ensure we can place you in a suitable job quickly and easily. Our friendly disability employment consultants can help you build your capacity, gain new confidence and find employment from the following locations:

Trial a job

Practical work experience

breakthru connects you with real employers so you can trial and experience real jobs in a supported environment, speeding your journey towards paid employment.

“Excellent staff that go out of their way to ensure you get into work that you’re actually interested in doing, they are also friendly, outgoing and person centered” – Lauren Speck, breakthru Customer

Get that job

Networking and Marketing

breakthru can help you to gain the required skills and confidence to successfully market yourself to employers in order to obtain employment. This includes the use of networking to maximise employment opportunities.

“Supportive, innovative and genuinely passionate team. They tend to go above and beyond to get the best for the people they serve.” – breakthru Customer

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See one of our success stories.

From day one, Jacqui always showed great promise as a hard working, professional and teamwork focused person.

By tapping into our vast employer network of 1000s of employers across a diverse range of industries we identified a great job match for Jacqui.

Securing a great job with Woolworths has given Jacqui a platform for employment success, and she is excited for what the future brings!

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