Your Guide to SLES
November 4, 2022
by Joshua Cook

Your Guide to SLES

Graduating from high school is an exciting yet daunting transition, as you begin to consider possible pathways into the real world. That’s why our School Leaver Employment Supports, SLES, is designed to help people with a disability gain the skills and understanding they need to enter the workforce post-graduation.

If someone you’re caring for is feeling unsure of their future or professional trajectory, it’s important to know that they’re not alone. Many people feel uncertain about their life path ahead, and it’s okay to take the time to think about what to do next. To help steer you through this often-intimidating process, Breakthru are here to support you along the journey. We’ll help guide you by teaching your person in need the required skills needed to prepare for work.

As someone with a disability, it can be especially difficult to get a head start with employment following Year 12. It’s important to recognise this potential need for extra support, helping to build supplementary skills that help to enhance already prominent core strengths and skills. At Breakthru, we ensure all of our employers are people who reflect our inherent values and want to genuinely make a difference to the lives of those who may need extra support. Our team attains a great communication style that ensures you are the leader of your individualised care plan. This is demonstrated through ensuring you’re a part of the process every step of the way, highly emphasising your valued opinion into the care provided.

You may or may not have heard of the term ‘School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES)’. SLES is a funding service that helps individuals who are current or eligible participants with the NDIS. It is specifically designed for teenagers with a disability aged between 16-19 who are looking towards their future employment opportunities.

How does school leaver employment support work?

This program is designed to instil confidence in individuals to be able to properly enter the workforce. The following skills may be part of an individual program of support to help participants get ready for employment. School leaver employment support goes deeper than job seeking. This service helps to provide individuals with transferable skills and ultimately build life skills that can be used in many diverse situations. This list provides an indication of some of the skills that are developed through this service:

  • communication skills
  • work experience
  • job ready skills
  • money handling skills
  • time management skills
  • travel skills
  • personal development skills

If you’re interested to learn about the expansive list of services provided through school leaver employment support, don’t hesitate to browse through our website or contact our team.

How does SLES funding work?

It’s important to note that school leaver employment support work isn’t a one-stop shop. At Breakthru, we work tirelessly to build highly individualised plans that optimise your specific strengths and cater to your future ambitions and goals. Not everyone has the same needs, and this is reflected in our uniquely developed school leaver employment support plans. Therefore, it is our priority at Breakthru to deliver personalised support to you and your support team, such as family and friends.

At Breakthru, we help you through the entire process. We’re located in NSW, QLD and VIC in Australia. We offer support for people who are applying to the NDIS, new to the system, or have transitioned to a different program. Additionally, we can also help confirm your eligibility. As a registered NDIS provider, Breakthru can help you prepare your NDIS plan, ultimately reducing feelings of stress you may be experiencing. School leaver employment support is just one of our many support programs at Breakthru. Some of these other types of NDIS support include learning support, employment support, positive relationship support and more!

If you’ve gained an interest in any of our support services at Breakthru, make sure you get in contact with our team!

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