In December 2020 the Disability Royal Commission released an Issues Paper on Violence and Abuse of People with Disability at Home. As part of our commitment to creating positive change for people with disability, breakthru have this week submitted a short response detailing:

  • How people with disability experience violence and abuse at home
  • What kind of violence and abuse people with disability generally experience
  • How providers can work together to prevent and respond to violence and abuse of people with disability
  • Gaps in the existing service model
  • Solutions and recommendations to prevent future violence or abuse of people with disability.

Some of the recommendations include increased funding for family mental health programs, trauma support and other preventative measures. By giving the community access to more Government-subsidised programs, breakthru is confident Australia can make a noticable impact in identifying, preventing and ultimately eliminating violence and abuse of people with disability at home.

If you’re interested, please feel free to read our full submission to the Royal Commission here.