Community outreach

Community Outreach Support


Get help when and where you need it

Community outreach support can be provided to you in your home and the community to help you to achieve goals related to your mental health and wellbeing. At breakthru we work with you to assist with your growth and independence on your way to mental health recovery.


What is Community Outreach Support?

Community Outreach Support is a treatment option where a professional breakthru staff member will meet you in your home, in the community or any other place you feel comfortable. It is a flexible option and great for people who may have difficulty reaching a breakthru office.

Community Outreach Support assists people with a psychosocial disability to undertake daily living activities, access and participate in their community, and strengthen their personal relationships.


Our Community Outreach Supports

When you work with breakthru, we can support you to build your living skills, social skills and your confidence with everyday practical tasks like:

Managing Daily Tasks

Whether it’s mowing the lawn, pruning your garden, rearranging your wardrobe or cleaning the kitchen, we can help you with household chores and other self-care tasks.

Planning & Cooking Meals

If you’re struggling to set a routine, we can help you shop for groceries and other necessities, and put a plan in place to regularly cook healthy meals.


Our team of friendly support workers can help you stay in control of your finances with budgeting tips, tricks and plans.

Using Public Transport

Whether you’re feeling anxious, lost or a little bit confused, we can help and support you while using public transport to ensure you can be confident getting out on your own. 


Funded Activities

If you have a new or existing NDIS plan, we can help you with the following funded activities.

Community Recreation

Support to connect with community recreation, leisure and cultural activities

Accessing Facilities

Support to independently access local facilities and services such as banks, shops, public transport, and recreational facilities

Connecting with Services

Support to connect with doctors, social workers, centrelink and other providers that may be able to assist you.

Travel & Community

We can provide travel training so you can have better access to areas of the community.

Household Management

Support to develop household management skills such as cooking, menu planning, laundry, and budgeting.


Problem Solving Support

Support to develop decision making, problem solving and conflict resolution skills.

Self-advocacy Support

Support to develop self-advocacy and access advocacy groups.

Emotional Support

Support to develop skills in managing emotions or personal responses (for example, anger management or coping with feelings).