Improved relationships NDIS

NDIS Improved Relationships (Positive Behaviour Support)

Help developing positive behaviours, support plans and behaviour management strategies

We can help you learn new ways to effectively manage your emotions so you can feel more confident, independent and in control of your life. 

If you have a current NDIS plan with approved funding for ‘Improved Relationships’ under your capacity building supports category, you may be eligible to access a range of our supports, including behavioural support and assistance with social and community participation. 

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Positive Behaviour Supports

breakthru can assist with providing support to participants, carers and service providers , for complex and challenging behaviours. We currently offer these services in Victoria, Northern New South Wales and the Central Coast region.

Therapeutic Supports

We offer 1-on-1 or group support sessions to help you develop healthier relationships and improve wellbeing as a whole. 

Whether you’re feeling anxious, depressed, angry, confused or generally overwhelmed, we can help you identify coping strategies and capabilities so you can be more confident.

Behaviour Management Strategies

After getting to know you and your goals, we’ll put together a plan, and work with you to implement a behaviour management strategy so you can positively manage your behaviour and emotions in a controlled manner.

Behaviour Supports

We understand that everyone likes to communicate differently. That’s why we offer 1-on-1 access to our behavioural therapists to ensure you’re getting the support you need.

We’ll sit down with you, your carers and service providers  to identify unwanted or distressing behaviour, and work together to devise a plan to help you manage these feelings in a positive way.

Social & Peer Support

Sometimes the best form of therapy or support comes from your peers, or those that have lived through a similar experience. We regularly host peer support groups so you can feel supported by your peers in a friendly social environment. These groups are often run by staff who have lived experiences themselves.


What is Improved Relationships?

Out of the three primary categories in an NDIS plan, Improved Relationships falls under the Capacity Building category. This sub-category is used to allocate funding specifically to be used to help you develop positive behaviours and interact with others.

Funds for Improved Relationships are most commonly put towards Behavioural Therapy services, which help you build your capacity through structured behaviour development plans, regular social support and other activities.

How do I get funding for Improved Relationships?

If you’re about to apply for an NDIS plan or your existing plan is about to be renewed, it’s important to compile as much information as possible. To access capacity building and improved relationships funding, it’s important that you can accurately describe how you feel on a daily basis, how these feelings may affect your behaviour and what you believe could help improve your daily life. 

If you’re taking medication (i.e. anti-depressants) to help you manage your emotions, it’s a good idea to have your GP write a letter outlining your symptoms and any existing supports. 

If you’re already seeing a therapist or counsellor, it may also be a good idea to ask them for a written letter of recommendations to the NDIS to ensure you can build a convincing case for funding support in your next meeting.

Why choose breakthru?

As a registered NDIS provider with over 25 years of experience supporting people with disability, we’re here to help you achieve your goals. 

Our team of compassionate  behavioural therapists offer highly personalised care to ensure you feel comfortable and supported. By working with breakthru, we’ll help you build your capacity so you can manage your emotions and live more independently.