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Hi Feldspar

Me too, I recently as of the start of March began my new programs as the hub had a MAJOR change in programs the first one in my time with the centre and was getting into the GYM and Swimming then all this happened. I’m finding it hard to keep myself motivated enough to walk around the yard too and have been looking into using old bottles filled with water as weights or where possible as I have a hiatal hernia doing some lifting but not heavy lifting due to Dr’s orders, The medications and things will be kept in as best supply as possible it is a worrying time for everyone but together we all will get through this =) , I was really quiet and the staff could hardly get as much as a hello from me at first but now four or so years later it’s like “wow where’s the quiet guy who first started here”, they’re really proud of me for how far I’ve come once this has all calmed down it’ll be weird to go back to normal but exciting as more changes will come to the way I get my programs delivered by staff. Hope you stay as safe as possible =)