Tuggerah, NSW

About the Artist

Returning again since her debut at FOCUS 2020, Bethany once again shares her latest collection of “Amino” characters and her own drawing of a closed ecosystem. Bethany explains her characters and says:

“Most of the characters below are from a species called Smiledogs that are on an amino called “Smile!Dog Amino”. This species lacks eyes due to an evolutionary adaptation caused by the intense brightness caused by their sun. As a result, the fur on the end of their long tails has grown to become sensitive to vibrations and can be used to feel their surroundings. They can also smell and taste colours, meaning that their written language is a vast collection of different colours in place of letters. Some Smiledogs have mutations, such as an extra set of limbs, extra pairs of ears, tails, etc. and even tails with mouths.”

“All smiledogs have three rows of teeth which recede down their throat. (Though the subspecies that the bone wearing oc(original character) is only have 2 rows of teeth.) There are numerous subspecies within the Smiledog world, Virulens, Caultikin, Tawwain and an un-named plant species that is still in development!”

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