FOCUS 2021

What is FOCUS?

The concept of “FOCUS” first began in 2019 as part of our annual commitment to celebrating International Day of People with Disability (IDPWD). The event is designed to cast a “focus” on people with disability and their incredible stories, talents and achievements.

While COVID-19 once again changed our lives in 2021, our customers showed an incredible amount of resilience and continued to forge ahead toward their goals. Over the course of the year, many of our customers turned to their creative talents as a way to vent their emotions and express how they’re feeling. With this in mind, FOCUS 2021 was created as a digital gallery designed to safely celebrate the talents and achievements of breakthru customers and people with disability across Australia.

Please join us in celebrating International Day of People with Disability by reading the stories below, admiring the art and letting us know your thoughts on social media.

Our Artists

Having struggled with mental illness during the pandemic, Arnold said art has helped him communicate and express himself.

Scott pays tribute to his friends and really makes those colours “pop”

Habous shares her mental health journey with her latest creative piece.

Vicky shows us what she’s been up to during recent lockdowns.

Crystal has always turned to art as an outlet, cultivating her talents over many years.

Rhiannon showcases her interpretation of a strong, independent woman.

Gary shows everyone how to enjoy the simple pleasures in life

Cathy shows us her latest Christmas pieces.

Bethany returns once again for FOCUS 2021, sharing her latest collection of Amino characters.

Reece takes a leap of faith in his latest piece of art.

Michelle reveals her very first piece of art during lockdown.

Tayla shows us how to have courage and be ourselves.

Isabella shares two very special pieces, created for two very special people.

Matthew shows us just how resilient the human heart and mind can be.

Sharon gives everyone a look at her absolute favourite animal.

Taree customers collectively show we’re all in this together.


Cake Decorator Jack

When Jack first started working at Archie & The Bear Cafe, he presented as a very shy and reserved young man. Little did he know his new-found Barista job would be a stepping stone into a life of fame!

After a few weeks of working with his manager Chai, Jack began to realize just how much he enjoyed decorating cakes for display. Realizing Jack’s passion and the rising popularity of his cakes, Chai gave Jack free reign to create his own designs which eventually gave way to what is known in the Cairns area as the “Jack Special” cake.

Dubbo Performing Arts

Painters, illustrators and cake decorators aren’t the only talented people we have here at breakthru! Many of our customers love performing arts and find it’s a great way to express their emotions and connect with their peers.

In our Dubbo office, singing and dancing is something we often do as part of a weekly group program which eventually culminates into an end-of-year live performance to a large crowd of parents and carers.

As many would agree, it takes an enormous amount of courage and strength to get up on stage and perform, so we believe it’s important to express ourselves this way to celebrate and encourage everyone to get active and build their confidence.

This year, our customers Robbie, Rhiannon and Sarah show some of the moves they’ve been practicing in celebration of International Day of People with Disability (IDPWD).

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