Tamatoa (Teina)

Tamatoa (Teina)

Parramatta, New South Wales

About the Artist

Teina was born in the Cook Islands, later moving to Australia at 3 years old. He is 16 years old and his hobbies include writing, drawing/painting, exercising, video games and music. He also enjoys learning about history, certain scientific topics, philosophy, art history and theology.

While Teina was creating the art pieces, he said it helped him express his interest in the Antiquity period, which has left a legacy in the Western world as we know it. During COVID-19 his art sessions have assisted in expanding his hobbies and expanding his skills by using different paints and creating drawings as well as his taste in certain mediums of art.

Teina’s first artwork called JVPITVS DOMINVS (pictured left, below) is of Greco-Roman architecture, relief sculpture, and computer reconstructions of Roman buildings/art.

The drawing pays homage to Greco-Roman architecture and also shows the supreme god Jvpiter at the epicenter of the drawing. It illustrates the significant use of symmetry, extravagantly painted buildings, and artistry.

His second artwork called Natures Gift (pictured right, below) was one of Teina’s experiments with the use of brushes, paints, and paper. In this picture he illustrates the staggering beauty nature has to offer to all living creatures. It’s also a symbolic representation of his two brothers, mother, and sisters. The sun represents his mum, the three trees are Teina and his brothers, the hills are dirt pathways, and the orchids are his sisters.

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