Parramatta, New South Wales

About the Artist

Prior to joining our art sessions, breakthru Support Workers were told that Kiki vehemently hates painting. But despite her initial misgivings, Kiki eventually relented and decided to have a go. After an intense 3 hour session of non-stop creativity, it turns out Kiki actually loved it!

Kiki has since been going to art sessions on a regular basis since the beginning of the year. As Kiki is deaf and non-verbal, art has been a great method of expression for her and useful new form of silent communication.

Kiki loves painting on large scales and is very good at choosing colours that always make her pictures bold and beautiful. She’s a very visual person and normally paints non-stop during her art sessions. Since starting she has produced an incredible amount of work and her passion for painting is tremendous. The pictures below are just a small glimpse of the many pieces she’s created over the course of 2020.

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