Tuggerah, New South Wales

About the Artist

For Bethany, COVID-19 has been particularly stressful. Many of her friends live in America in areas like Florida and New York, where the impacts of the virus have been quite devastating. “It’s been really hard not to become anxious or stressed about their safety”  she said.

“But drawing helps distract me from all the negative things that are happening. It allows me to live in my own little world for a moment with the worries and fears of what is happening around us”.

She finds drawing is one of the best things she can do to keep herself calm and collected during tough times.

To create her art she uses a program called IbisPaint X. Bethany says It’s really easy to use, and since it’s on her phone it allows her draw any time, any where.

Each piece of artwork she creates can take over 2 hours, with full body drawings taking up to 8 hours or more. Bethany finds that drawing complex pieces that take a long time can be a great distraction when she’s feeling anxious or stressed, and has been her primary coping method during the pandemic.

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