Siu King (Anita)

Siu King (Anita)

Parramatta, New South Wales

About the Artist

Anita is one of our customers in Paramatta who has been very passionately attending our weekly art workshops. Anita lives with tumours on her spinal cord, which means she has to live with chronic pain almost everyday. Despite the pain she has been living with 24/7, she is always extremely kind and grateful to those around her.

The artwork that Anita created combines acrylic on canvas and watercolour on paper. Each of these three pieces showcase the first time Anita has ever attempted painting properly. Her pieces often convey her love of flowers, nature and colours. Despite her condition, Anita is extremely dedicated and never misses an art session, even on days when she is not feeling well. She says painting helps her to forget about the pain and makes her feel happy.

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