NDIS Speech therapy

NDIS Speech Therapy

Get help connecting with the world around you using individualized Speech Therapy

Help connecting with the world around you


Speech Therapy is a great support for NDIS participants that are interested in achieving clearer speech, improving social communication, achieving literacy/learning goals and more.

Our Speech Pathologists take a clinical and individualised approach to every single one of our customers, offering a range of different therapies and supports to help improve pronunciation, social anxiety, swallowing and general communication.

By working with breakthru, our customers receive 1-on-1 support from highly qualified & experienced clinicians, including individually tailored plans and assessments to ensure you can achieve your life goals.

This program is available to all NDIS participants with funding under Improved Daily Living or Improved Health & Wellbeing.

Please note our clinicians are not equipped to support anyone under the age of 8 years.


Our Speech Therapists


When it comes to finding the right clinician, it’s important you find someone you connect with so you can feel comfortable working toward your personal goals.

At breakthru, our clinicians will make every effort to get to know you and your individual circumstances. Once we understand what you need, we will then work with you to prescribe tailored therapies and supports to ensure you make steady progress toward your speech goals.

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Speech Therapy


By accessing speech therapy under our NDIS services, we’ll be able to help you with:

Speech & Pronunciation

There’s a lot that goes into normal speech – from the use of tongue, lips and even sometimes your throat – we can help by showing you the steps and techniques to create difficult sounds.

Adult Language

If you’re experiencing partial or complete loss of speaking or understanding (including reading/writing), Speech Therapy can be very effective in recovering some or all communication. We use evidence-based therapies to help you target and stimulate your affected language areas, and work on your communication goals. 

Social Communication Skills

For those that have difficulty with relating to others through talking, day-to-day chat and getting to know others can be a challenge.  Our Speech Pathologists use everyday tasks to teach and practise these important skills, focussing on the individual’s social goals.  

Mealtime & Swallowing

For participants that have trouble with drinking, chewing or taking medicine, we can provide therapies that make these tasks easier by strengthening the tongue, throat and mouth.

Language & Literacy

We can help you express your emotions, ideas and feelings in everyday life through the provision of supports that improve both reading and writing skills.

Communication Aids

To help you connect with those around you, we can prescribe and assist with the use of communication aids. This includes electronic devices that assist with projection, signing, gestures and more.


Our Locations


Our Speech Pathologists can work with your at our office, in your home, in the community or even online if you prefer. The choice and control about how and when you work with your clinician is entirely up to you.

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