Occupational Therapy


Our occupational therapy supports are designed to help you improve your capacity and build independence quickly and with minimal stress.


We work closely with you to prescribe occupational therapies that allow you to get back into the community and participate in normal everyday activities.

Our skilled occupational therapists also have the ability to help family, friends and carers in your support network learn the skills they need to assist you on a day to day basis. Depending on your individual requirements, our occupational therapists can provide supports that help with getting out in the community, cooking, self-care, study or getting back to work.

When you come in for a consultation with one of breakthru’s friendly therapists, we’ll begin assessing what you can comfortably do right now, and work with you to realise your potential and work towards your individual goals. At breakthru we strongly believe that with the right people and supports around you, it’s possible to achieve anything you set your mind to. By leaning on your support network and breaking your goal down into manageable steps, we’re confident you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your quality of life in no time.

Please note this service is only available to customers aged 16 years and over.


Occupational Therapy Services

Functional Assessments

Our therapists will work closely with you to determine your current functional capabilities in all aspects of your daily life.

When assessing your functional abilities, we carefully take into account your usual daily routine, interests, environment, attitude and relationships so we can create plans and supports that can help you in your daily living activities.

Behavioural Support

Our therapists take a positive, goal-focused approach to behavioural support that focuses on communication, developing a routine and creating coping mechanisms to help make life more enjoyable.

Environmental Supports

Whether it’s at home or in the workplace, we can help create environments that are safe and accessible.

If you feel your environment at home, school or work is not accessible, we can recommend modifications (such as ramps, rails or lower benches), and work with third party providers to have these modifications put in place for you.

Assistive Technology

Depending on your individual circumstances, we can work with third party providers and help implement assistive technologies like wheelchairs, crutches, hoists and more to help you achieve greater independence, reduce support needs and increase your overall participation so you can remain more connected to your community.

Employment Support

Our services aren’t only limited to home or community remedies. We also help you achieve your potential by helping you get back to work, stay at work or transition to a better suited role.

Supporting our occupational therapists is a skilled team of employment consultants who have the ability to find and negotiate work conditions that perfectly suit your needs and goals.

Our Locations

We offer Occupational Therapy supports in the following locations

Cairns (QLD)
Brisbane (QLD)
Western Melbourne & Surrounds (VIC)

Accessing Occupational Therapies

As a registered NDIS provider, breakthru help people living with a permanent or significant disability to live their best life. We do this by working closely with not only you, but also your family, friends and other service providers to ensure you’re getting the supports you need.

If you have a new or existing NDIS plan, you may be eligible to access breakthru’s range of occupational therapies under the Improved Daily Living or Improved Relationships supports.

If you don’t have an NDIS plan due to ineligibility or other reasons, we also offer fee-for-service options should you wish to pursue them. Our fees depend heavily upon the type of supports required, so if you’re interested please feel free to contact your local office directly and ask for a quote.