Allied Health Services



Find out how breakthru can help you with our Allied Health assessments, therapies and capacity building services for people of all ages.



Our team of counsellors, behavioural & occupational therapists are uniquely focused on your individual needs.

Using evidence-based support services, we tailor our allied health services to your unique circumstances, ensuring we provide therapies that are designed to help you meet your goals and build independence.

Be it clinical counselling, behavioural supports, occupational therapy or psychology, our highly trained staff have the skills to provide anyone aged 16 and over with a comprehensive range of supports and services so you can live your best life.


With locations across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, each and every one of our specialists are intently focused on customer care and support, helping to build your capacity and live life to your full potential.

If you’re looking for some support, feel free to contact one of our expert therapists so we can start working towards your goals today.


If you’re a support coordinator or partner looking to make a referral, you can do so by filling in the form on this page.


Allied Health with Heart

breakthru are 100% committed to your ongoing care and support. We ensure every single one of our Allied Health professionals are not only fully accredited, but also empathetic with a genuine desire to help you achieve your goals, be it moving into paid employment, training or community activities.


Our team of counsellors, psychologists, speech and language pathologists, behaviour support practitioner, occupational therapists, and other allied health professionals are invested in your wellbeing. All of our staff are compassionate and genuinely care about you and your success.


We have a broad range of allied health services, including occupational therapy, behavioural supports, speech and language pathology, counselling, vocational supports and more. We also work in partnership with family, friends and other providers to ensure you have the best support network possible.


We have experience and expertise in the NDIS and community service delivery framework and receive ongoing Clinical Professional Development and supervision to ensure currency in best practice as well as a commitment to the NDIS principles of client driven intervention.


We offer allied health services across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane alongside our telehealth services in Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales. We come to you, where you need the support in your home and the community. And with 26 locations across Australia, there’s sure to be a breakthru office near you.


We’re committed to understanding your goals and aspirations and developing an individualised plan of intervention to maximise outcomes by engaging with your supports and our team. Our ultimate aim is to ensure you’re receiving suitable therapies to help you achieve your potential


All of our services can be built into your new or existing NDIS plan. If you’re not eligible for the NDIS or don’t currently have a plan, we also have fee-for-service and payment plan options to ensure you can get the support you need as soon as possible.


Our Allied Health Services


Our psychologists have specialist training in the treatment of mental illness from anxiety to depression and improving your emotional well being.

Using a range of tailored therapies, our therapists can help you get back on your feet and work towards a recovery plan designed to give you independence.


At breakthru, our clinicians will make every effort to get to know you and your individual circumstances, as we work alongside you towards your personal goals.

Once we understand what you need, we will then work with you to prescribe tailored therapies and supports to ensure you make steady progress toward your speech goals.


Our staff are here to support you through your daily activities and help build your capacity so you can be independent.

breakthru’s skilled occupational therapists will work with you to gain an understanding of your goals, and identify ways to overcome challenges you experience in everyday life.


Behavioural support is all about understanding why someone might use inappropriate or challenging behaviour, and what can be done to build their capacity in a safe, enjoyable environment.

Our team of behavioural therapists can help you manage your emotions, so you can overcome anything life throws at you.


Exercise Physiology is a great program for NDIS participants that are interested in improving their strength, mobility, confidence and independence at a comfortable pace.

Our exercise physiologists use evidence-based movement and exercise intervention to remedy muscle injuries, assist with weight management and prevent or manage chronic disease.


Music therapy aims to support people with a disability to improve their health, well-being and communication.

This research-based Allied Health profession relies on the use of music, movement and conversation to encourage independence.


breakthru offers Allied Health Assistant as part of our multi-disciplinary service to increase at home or community based therapy options for customers. 

Our Allied Health Assistants provide therapy with supervision and guidance from the Senior Clinical Occupational Therapist or Speech Pathologist to support you in reaching your goals.