Privacy Complaints Handling Procedure

In the event that a privacy complaint is received by the Break Thru People Solutions (Break Thru), the following procedures will apply:

  • If a verbal privacy complaint is received via telephone, Break Thru employees should encourage the complainant to submit their complaint in writing to Break Thru’s Privacy Contact Officer (see details below).
  • If the complainant is unwilling or unable to submit a written complaint, the Break Thru employee receiving the complaint should follow the procedure as outlined in the Customer Experience Framework, which outlines the complaints handling process relevant to each program.

The complaint must be referred to Break Thru’s Privacy Officer who will:

  • liaise with the complainant as appropriate to seek any relevant information necessary to investigate the privacy complaint and to identify the outcome the complainant is seeking
  • review the privacy complaint for its relevance to the Australian Privacy Principles (APP). Note: Break Thru can only investigate a privacy complaint in relation to our actions or practices
  • brief as appropriate on the privacy complaint e.g. the Quality and Performance Support Manager
  • impartially assess and investigate the privacy complaint in consultation with the relevant business area
  • appropriately document the investigation process
  • advise the complainant within a 30 day period from the receipt of the complaint of the outcome of the investigation and the proposed action, if any, Break Thru intends to take
  • provide the complainant with information on how to make a complaint to the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) if they are unhappy with the outcome of the Break Thru’s investigation
  • if the outcome of the investigation concludes that Break Thru appears to have mishandled an individual’s personal information, liaise with the relevant business area over what steps are appropriate to take to ensure a similar incident does not occur again

Please contact Break Thru’s Privacy Officer at:

Privacy Officer
Break Thru People Solutions
Post: PO Box 219, Blacktown NSW 2148
Tel: (02) 8884 3000

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