Job Seekers


Our employee support service can assist you in creating and sustaining personal independence through employment.

We support people at all stages of their employment journey and can help ensure you gain the knowledge and skills to maintain employment. Our individualised support service will help you to get ready for work, actively look for work and maintain employment.

We offer a range of support features, including:

Vocational assessments

Career guidance if you’re unsure where to start, or want advice on how to get your ideal job.


We have existing connections with many employers and can help you build your network of potential future employers.

Resume development

Assistance developing a professional resume. We help you show off your skills, attributes and experience.

Work experience

An opportunity to experience and understand the workplace of your choice.

Interview preparation

Build your skills and confidence so you feel prepared to meet potential employers.

On the job training and support

Support to learn the required skills of the job and ensure you have the necessary supports to successfully maintain ongoing employment.